Stanley USA Wish To Write MMM Nigeria On What They Are Passing Through

Stanley USA Wish To Write MMM Nigeria On What They Are Passing Through

Hello Mavrodians!!!
Greetings from USA here  to you all in Nigeria. I wish to write to you people from here having seen what you are passing through already in MMM Nigeria.

My name is Stanley, I am a true mavrodian right from when I was based in China, I participated fully in MMM after some months of doubt. I must tell you that my experience over there in China and my experience now in the USA has made me to believe that MMM you see is a unique project of its own to help the masses, the programmers u see does not work for a particular country rather for all the countries where MMM is functional. This is an eye opener , if you are thinking that MMM will be wiped out someday I tell u is a big lie, they are big shots. In fact they are even bigger than some multinational companies, well organised with their unique way of doing things.
Here in the USA , some American citizens and Africans  pH as big as 100,000 dollars, u know what this means in our Nigerian economy. We have had frozen macro before in China but I defrosted all my mavro in China before I moved over to USA because of my nature of job.

I want to encourage u to forget about your grudges and do what ever that is required of you to move your community forward. Ever since I joined , I am yet to see anyone who lost his money into the system except those who gave up on the way due to lack of patience.
It is only in MMM I see a defined transparency, where the admins and programmers are continuously trying to figure out ways of making things better and easier for every members. If our leaders here over there in Nigeria can be that transparent I bet you Nigeria will be a better place.
Secondly, your actions must not cause your own happiness in MMM. Your negative opinions can only delay your testimony but can never close down MMM, becos they have grown pass that nationally.
Thirdly, discourage copy cats so that your system will be stronger and sustainable for with everyday testimony. It is currently only in Nigeria that u will find hundreds and thousands of copy cats ponzi schemes and peer to peer to system. Go to google and Type the list of ponzi schemes in Nigeria and also check the list of ponzi schemes in the USA or China, then you will see what is causing problems for you over there in Nigeria. Is also affecting me because my brother manages an account for me over there in Nigeria too where I have almost 4.5million naira but am not bothered because I will definitely get all, it can only take time. So say a big no to copy cats ponzi schemes and get focused with your MMM.


Somebody said he does not have spare money and yet new copy cats ponzi sites are been launched everyday in Nigeria and same MMM participants are participating with the money they have made from MMM. Stop deceiving your self. Those MMM admins and programmers are smarter than you. Don't play smart becos na you go lose.

Be of a good courage and of a positive mindset and you will enjoy MMM . a tip of the ice berg, I have made more money in MMM that people think I made those money from Yankee, na lie purely MMM money.
Pray u have people of good mindset in MMM and you guys will smile again.

I wish you all the best and above all wisdom from above.

Longlive MMM anywhere you are.
Together we are changing the world.
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