Relocates When Things Are Too Tough For You In That Particular Area: Read

Relocates When Things Are Too Tough For You In That Particular Area: Read

It has become a habit in human that after living in aparticula place for like say two years, we become adicted to the environment, the familiarity grows more stronger as years keep progressing. I would like to encode that such should allow if we turn around & see Our achievement, success, progress, as many plus as we can possibly observe. Because some natural endowment like our surounding & the kind of people we live around them also contribute to our successiding barner.

They are some rooms that are curse, they are some environment that hold spell, They are some music that you need to delete. They are some homes cloths you need to change them they are some kind of joint you need to distance yourself from they are some books you need not to read them any more. They are some jokes you need to stop. If not your Life will never change.

Some rooms whenever you are in ilness will never leave your head but the moment you travel you no more experience that situation. Sometimes you have a girl friend, but when ever you to settle down with her catter catter arrives, you need to look for another. It doesn't matter how many years you date her. They are some companies you are keeping, whenever they hear that you are pursueing someing you must surely fail. You need to change your companies. They are some journey' when ever you talk about it before travelling,  you certainly fail.

You need to change. you can never defeat the devil in his Kingdom. You need to relocate.
Perhaps, Some Seat are not ment for us to seat, when we do, they acquire strength to dalay our destinies, Some people do write exame for other, they get admission into universities but whenever they write for themselves no road and you think its normal?

Some of cloths when you wear them, you hardly take no for yes. Some of people if you wake early in the morning & you see them 1st you always have a bad day, Am I lieing? They some gender if you want to travel & you 1st meet them on road you journey have no meaning & you think its well?

Sometimes someone will develop strong hatred on you in your compound I mean you did noting to him & you think it ok. Look some times you are a problem to him in the spirit word. u have to relocates. Relocates when things are too tough for you in that particular area. Relocates when your destiny is undergoing too much delay. Relocates when people in your area hates you too much. Relocate if eyes are too much on you over your progress. Relocates when things like one leg of your slipers or rising cloths are experience missing, Relocates if the whether is too harsh for you. Relocate if the environment is not good for raising your kids (if jonkers & smookers are too many)

Knowing that you are not progressing & taking action are two different things.Some people know but how to leave is the problem. A home that worth living is a place where you stay & you progress consecutively. So a place you do not progress is never a home.
One chine adaage say: it will be funny when you are doing thing over and over but expecting different result. It doesn't matter how many millions you are collecting, if you can not acheive with it, change.



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