The MOST Challenging Aspect Of Over Reaction: Most Read

In Life, People Are Born With different Qualities and Nature. Nothing in Life totally bad and Nothing is totally good, Our Views and Reactions make it Worst Or Best. When You give People attention More than they deserve, You get Hurts More than You deserve, If you are NOT Careful you will Start Over Reacting.

I do Respect People That take things the way it Comes. Eg I May ask Some one, Honey would You mind to visit me today. No Sorry Am too Busy. Alright, I take Her Word the way she said and work away. If She lieying is her business with God. But When doubt comes in Over Reaction is at Stake.

OVER REACTION IN RELATIONSHIP: Most Of Our Broken Heart Issues today Come As a Result Of Over Reactions, Suspition Brings Over Reaction, Sometimes, We Over expect, we Over Visit,,,, We Love And Dominate, No Space, No allowance. Sometime You need to allow her to try something else and See and if Possible Compare, Call for You or Look for You When You are needed. It is great to feel wanted. Take things the way they are.

OVER REACTION IN THE MINISTRY: Too Much Of Everything Is Overwarming, Boring and Hence Over Reaction arise. You want to be in Choir, In drama wing, In Youth, You want to decean, Usher, Sanctuary Keeper haba pal. Leave Some Responsibities to Others, Let yourself be known for one or two things.

You the Pastor, be careful on how you touch people during healing deliverance, most expecialy the opposite $€×, if care is not deploy, Over Reactions can come.
Did You know My role in my Church, Am born to Multivate, I do that when my Pastor is Preaching Plunging and dishing Out the reality of truth. I do Shout, Throws Up My hands, Make Craze Noice For Heaven and to Stire Up the Servant Of God.

When Am doing that, It really intoxicate the Spirit of God in me, And I know that the Angels Of God Bend to See how Cworld is Worshiping God, I don't care how the next person seating Close to will Feel about me, I do that without Shame, Oh Mine, You will hate to seat close to me in Church, And that is the Only Moment, I do see myself so violent without control, I can't help it.

After Service I text him about his messsage, I encourage him, I leave the rest for Others.
OVER REACTION ON HOUSE GIRLS: If You have Never had a house girl, be slow in judgment of their Mistress, Most Of these Little girls are Very Crue, For every Shout the Madam made, their is an Ant that Bit her nether, but people will only hear the Madams Voice. My advice is that You the Madam avoid Over Reaction, Over Look if you can, But if you can't let her go for your Peace is the Ultimun.

OVER REACTION IN SCHOOL: No Parent Will Be happy to See their Child Come back with Broken Head from the teacher. The Child was sent to school for repair, paration and models Not for a buse and molestation. What Some of Our teachers are doing is very dissappointing, Sometimes When a child commit Offence, Out of agressiveness, they will Jump to their Parent and start raining insults on them as if they applause what their child does, too sorrow, But my advice to the Parents Out there is that do not Over react, For if you do, you gave that child means to be more arrogant.

OVER HAPPINESS: When Joy Preceed Control threshold, failure is about to Succed. I Once heared Someone said Whenever She is Over happy, she started getting prepared for trouble. This is not a Mystry, Its Real am a Living witness. MY DAD MY 2ND GOD ON EARTH Was a Kind Of Person that when ever notice that am about to Succed on a particular thing, You will Hear him rancing and Wigging my son, my son! Before I Knew it, Where is the Success. Beast Of the Wood have ears.
When your happiness is uncontrol even your body is not Ok, that is why you will see tears Coming Out,Their is nothing like tears of Joy. Its just lack Of control, Honey.

Always Keep your trumpet Low at the Verg of Break through. If you are not careful Over happiness will abort your smiles before day break.

OVER REACTIONS GENERALY: lead to many mistakes in Life,
Over Reaction leads to suicit and Premature death, Over reaction raid friendship and Scares away customers, Over reaction Invites Poverty. Over reaction make students to Over write on the concept and hence loose marks, Over reaction lead to lost in Domestic battles, Over Reaction is a Sickness.

Over Reaction is the best friend of Anger. It is a Duty For Every One of Us to Leave a legacy Behind, and While Would You Leave Over Reaction as Yours?Character is Victory and achievement on Your self Work. Negative Over Reaction can Not Solve any Problem but rather Open More Way For Damages.
The MOST Challenging aspect of Over Reaction Which I will leave it for You is that: How Can I kn that Am Over Reacting?No More Over Reactions.



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