Please, I just want to address some frequently asked questions that was sent through the mail which you are wishing for answers to... You can now read

1. There is absolutely no need to cancel your PH because you have waited for long and it hasn't gotten matched. The PH is growing in the system and the number of people GHing at the moment are only few, hence the long waiting.

2. If you dare cancel your PH, you have just wasted your growth period.

3. MMM will soon move the date backwards, please don't comment asking how soon, but I believe very soon. The dates could be moved further backwards than earlier stated. I mean even into last week of July.

4. Your long awaited unmatched PH does not mean you're on Moratorium. Many others like you have PHs not yet matched.

5. We're patiently waiting for things to be done faster, but we can help by remaining positive and also continuing with our usual activities of PH and GH until the system is programmed to dispatch mavros acquired before 6th August 2017.

6. If you have Phed already and waiting to be merged, don't cancel unless you have used up the money meant to PH. You can PH the amount you have available and not what you are expecting. You could easily default in that case.

7. For those asking why the programmers are wasting time in Moving date backwards. Please know that if a system will work in a certain way, it needs to be calculated, programmed and tested to work effectively.

8. We need to be patient as we do not want any programming errors or glitches.

9. MMM have kept to their words always, so be rest assured that they have good plans for June/July.

10. Feel free to partake in Promo tasks, Provide Help and invite new members. We will soon see the effect of the backdate in our P.O... MMM Is Here To Stay!!!

Guider *JOHNSON*



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