If Baba is fit to continue to and probably contest in 2019, then I'm all for him. If he is not fit and will not contest, then let everybody come out and prove himself or herself to Nigerians. We want a nation builder and development. If it is this man, so be it. If it is somebody else, may God be with him/her. Importantly, we want one that will appeal to all sections of our country.

But no one should come back to tell us that someone betray some stup!id arrangement. Whatever arrangement was made was not in our names or interests. We are tired of self serving arrangements that are not designed with the poor Nigerians and downtrodden in mind.

Nobody send anyone to do deals on our behalf so they can perpetuate themselves and their children while the rest of us are in poverty. I didn't send anyone to represent me. When the idi0ts are doing recruitment for their children and girlfriends they don't remember the poor.

When I enter plane I don't ask who is the pilot. I pray he is the best. Same as when I go to into a market. I look for best bargain from whoever. I don't go looking for a Hausa, Igbo, Yoruba or Tiv, Muslim or Christian pilot, trader, mechanic, electrician etc. I go for the best.

How can you go for the best schools for your kids because of the quality of teaching and the best hospitals in search of the best doctors regardless of their region, religion and ethnic group, yet be willing to settle for the worst in leaders because of ethnicity, religion and region? Let everybody contest election, appeal to voters and win kawai.



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