Give Us Biafra Or There Won't Be Elections In Our Land Nnamdi Kanu

In other words, either way, give or not there will be no elections in his land. For one, if you give him Biafra, there will be no Nigeria as it is, so no election. Two, if you don't give him Biafra, there will be no election. It is the classic, "my way or no way".

But that is by the way. The real problem is that the young man is courting problem. When the government refused to release him in clear violation of court grant bail, many well meaning Nigerians criticised the government.

When the government finally complied with latest release order on health grounds, it was premised on 3 conditions. Two of these conditions were to be met before bail and one after.

Kanu met the before-bail conditions of a priest and senator standing in his favour. He was released, even as the others that were arrested along with him are still languishing in Kuje. The last condition was to not (be in and) address a gathering of more than 10 people.

But few days after he released on bail he was in a convoy of more than that threshold to FFK's house. Now, imagine what would have happened if he was rearrested on the way. And then this latest vi0olation and the comments credited to him in a gathering of "hundreds of followers" thre€*atening the government and the country.

Somehow, I think Kanu wants to be arrested. And if he is, the government will be blamed. May be it was to test the Acting President, based on that 'cowards' stereotype. May be not. But if he is arrested again, he will have himself to be blamed. And this time, it will be for good.

Either he dies in the hands of the government, since they may not be able to care for him or cure him of his ailment, which will be very unfortunate; or the only other option, which is, Biafra is achieved without him, and his new government has to negotiate his release.

Look, this country may eventually break up. In fact, I believe it will. What we don't know is what will break it, how many units it will break into and when that will happen. But for now we are Nigerians in Nigeria. Let it not be that when Kanu is arrested again for violating his bail conditions under this Acting President or upon return of the substantive President his people will start evoking victimhood.

By continuously goading the government he is making a bed he may not want to sleep in. Photo: Symbolic



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