Dr Ismaila Farouk Attacked Acting President?

And suddenly one "Dr. Ismaila Farouk from Zamfara State" is the mouthpiece of the north. It seems he attacked the Acting President in a bid to discredit him, and show him as not fit for the office. I've not really read what he said but snippets of I read here.

He may have gunned for the Acting President because he convinced himself that Baba will not contest for that office in 2019. Seeing how the public are warming up to the Acting President, he may have acted out his feelings.
And I'm not surprised that this guy ranted as he was said to have. There are probably thousands like him in this country and the region he came from. This is Nigeria. Truth be told, we are a country of ethnic champions.

What is funny, really funny, is the way some of us on this sphere have elevated 'him' and 'his' views to be representative of the entire region. As usual, the northerners are monolithic.
A man no one has ever heard of or read now represent the northern opinion just like the other idi0t that said he will k!ill 300 people.

They just pop up, and the civilised and intellectual will shout, "We told you so". I've been searching the web for the Ismaila Farouk. I can't find him. I asked one of the people sharing this guy where he found him. Zilch! No answer.
I'm not saying he doesn't exist. But over the last 7 hours, all I was doing was looking for this guy, from Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and place calls etc.

Who is he? Where? I just can't find him, if he exist. Under which platform did he post the original view or interview? I can only find it in some of this blogs with "Please spread" or "Please share" associated.

I have called people in the Federal University, Federal and State Polytechnic, and College of Education, assuming he is an academic. I called out to the someone high up in the State Medical and Health Workers Union, no one by that name. Then I turn to prominent sons and daughters of the state. The "Farouk" is not like Mohamm€ed, Umaar, Ibrahinm, Ahmed, or Aliayu. It is nor a common name. It is very unique.

He may not exist. But they don't care. They got something juicy. All because these idi0ts fit a negative narrative; a negative stereotype of northerners. If these guys were from another region, you will hear, "They are speaking for himself". They will all be on their own. But a northerner? Na so notanas be?

It is just like the clown with Miyatti Allaih who was said to have said the people of Benue are from Congo. Who is not from somewhere? He is news for foolishly trying to appropriate other people's land. But the guys that include Igala land as theirs, no problem.
It doesn't matter that they have read or heard thousands of people, friends, colleagues saying they are happy with Prof and what he is doing.

It doesn't matter that they have declared support for him and that their opinions are scathing of people who may want to truncate him. No, it doesn't matter. They just like this one man.

If this Dr. Farouk exist, he is an idi0t and a big0t, and as dangerous as they come. If he doesn't exist, and you are busy sharing f*ke news designed and manufactured to cause distrust and animosity, first, you've been had as a clown, and second, you are more dangerous than those who concoct the story for sharing with due diligence. They know your kind exist.

I suspect (1) that Aso Rock "Cabal";
(2) the useless old people that are refusing to go or let us have peace;
(3) the opposition party, less likely; or (4) or the usual big0ted folks that are bent on causing us ethnic, regional and/or religious wahala. But my money is on 1 and 2. We know their motive. It is greed, political and economic power. They are afraid of the warm reception Baba's Buhari VP is receiving.

We know them and their motives. What about the people they conned into sharing these evil? I wish they will show 10% of the kind out outrage they exhibited on this ghost person, the f*ke write up and the North that they like to generalize to the hate that Femi Fani-Kayode spew on a daily basis against Hausa-Muslims.

I've search around the crazy continent of Africa and the only person I can compare FFK with are the duo Ferdinand Nahimana, and Hassen Ngeze of Rwanda. These people share his views and in his beliefs, yet they are righteously indignant of a fa**ke person.
As we say around here, "UNA TRY!"
Still, please, help a brother find this guy that so suddenly finds popularity. Slap yourself if you can't.



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