Npower Today's Report Challenges Issue Of Payment

Sorry for coming late, today's report. One of the N-POWER official Mr. Afolabi  he first of all apologies to us that this is not how they intended to work. He address us on the challenges we are facing.

We raise the issue of payment. He replied us that payment should not be our first paority that payment suppose to be last that we are having the issue of deployment that non of us has been deployed and we are not suppose to be receiving any stipend now.

And they should have withdraw the money from us but they don't do it that way. He said those that have been receiving money, have they started  working  for the money?

He said those that have been having payment issue they should start sending message to and support the payment issue will be resolve online.

Blank issue: He said he has already aware of it that there's an issue of computation of human error, that no one would hindered anyone progress. He said is not only Lagos that is facing this challenges.

He gave us some statistics that out of 28 thousands plus that 11,400 was shortlisted in Lagos and there's no way we can have only 5,000 plus successful out of 11,000 plus beneficiaries that they must get to the root of the matter but it will pass through some process that only one person cannot made the decision on what to do right now that when he get to the office they we deliberate on it.

Meeting In Alausa

We were at Alausa today to meet with the focal person as instructed by her. The initial intention of the meeting was to brief us on the visit of the monitoring team to Lagos, but fortunately for us, Mr. Afolabi is in Lagos and he used the opportunity to visit the focal person at Alausa and later met with us to enlighten us on "why  power" and the purpose why the program was initiated.

The focal person later instructed us to get 20 beneficiaries representing each of the local government because there will be an interactive session with the monitoring team and other stakeholder later this week.

To this end, all matters relating to unpaid and posting is therefore now suspended until the end of the interactive session which is meant to iron out all issues regarding  N-power scheme in Lagos.

Also regarding the contribution made so far, we reached a concession regarding it, please kindly relate to your LG rep and you will be told what to do base on the arrangement for each local government. We are expecting the information as regards the interactive session coming later this week, as soon as we get that, we will communicate to everyone on the modality. Thanks.



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