Enugu State Has Hijacked Npower Programme Into Something Else. 

I deemed it very necessary to say something concerning Npower team at this moment what is happening in Enugu state. Enugu state has hijacked N-power program and turned it into something else.

When we were applying for the N-power program, we were told to carefully fill in our residential address and local government of resident, for we are going to work within our residence. In Enugu state, we were not only posted outside our residential local government but to remote villages of another local government that are very far from our residence.

Many of us were posted to a place we spend up to one thousand five hundred naira fare (to and fro) on daily basis. In some of the villages, the only mains of transportation is a motorcycle. The commercial motorcyclists always charge us highly for they know we don't have any other choice than to pay them to take us to the village.

We have complained to the people in charge of N-power in Enugu state but they only told us to quit the job if we are not okay with the situation. We strongly believe that N-power is an FG government social investment program designed to empower the youths but here in Enugu state they have turned the program to punish the youths.

Many volunteers here in Enugu state have threatened to forfeit the program if nothing is done about this, hence they have nothing to benefit from the program, only to spend their stipends to transport themselves to their place of primary assignment.

The worst part is that we have not been paid since the program started. We have been spending the little money in our pocket for our T-fare. This has made many people lose interest in the program. Please, we are passionately appealing to the Npower team to call the people in charge of Npower in Enugu state to an order.

We can't continue like this, even if they want to post anyone outside his/her local government, they should post the person to a place that is a bit close to his/her residence, at least a place he/she will not spend up to one thousand naira fare.

If we continue like this, it means we will only use our stipends for transportation and by the end of the program, we will go back to square one, thereby not achieving the core aim of N-power scheme which is to empower the youths.

We are also appealing to the team to do something about our stipends, our colleagues in other states have received their December and January stipends while we have not even received our December stipends.

Thanks and remain blessed, looking forward to seeing your prompt action to curtail this move made by Enugu state to deprive us the opportunity given to us by President Muhammad Buhari's led federal government.

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My friend said, Npower propaganda!! They knew everybody that was not paid but they just wanted to avoid heavy criticisms showering their page, they now come out with who is not paid, date state and so on. Some people have the intent to sabotage this well-designed program but we believe that the ever hardworking N-power team will not give them the chance. Best regards.



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