Chat With Npower Online Agent Via NPVN Portal to Resolve Any Issue

After verification in all states, N-Power volunteers are faced with different problems, but I’m going to focus the MAJOR problem: Inability to edit profile in case there are errors in their NPVN Portal. Error in N-Power #volunteer profile could impede the volunteers from getting paid, could deter him/her from selecting N-Power tablets etc.

If there are mistakes in either your bank account, or BVN, or name, here the tricks you can use to get edit button back to your portal for you effect the correction. On this particular method: HOW TO CHAT WITH #NPOWER ONLINE AGENT has been tested and worked for most people I assisted.

They are not always online, right?

If you want to chat with anyone of them the best we found to be the best is between 11am-2:45pm during working days/hours: Main thing on how to bypass this.. @Login to their

Even if your login details no longer work for you, you can still apply this method to chat with @npower online consultant. If you’re able to login, a pop-up chat box will come up. If an agent is online, the pop-up box will contain his or her name. (If no one is online, you’re asked to drop your message, which is most of the time will not get reply or get very late response)

Make sure you have a personal computer with good internet connection. Stay online for like 30-40minutes for an agent to join you. When you’re eventually attended to, tell him/her your complaints, you'd be told what to do. And if it's the edit button you want, it'd be restored for you to make correction.

Just try it now and see how it works.

If it isn’t working for you, you can COMMISSION (premium) me to handle it for you. 08117325070 (service charge applies). I care about results, not about population. N-Power will continue to tell you, “don’t pay anyone to resolve your problem for you” but there is solution to your problem here.

We have only three good options:
Fold your arms while your colleagues collect their monthly stipend of 30K. Or to handle it yourself, or Hand it over to one of the resource person on N-Power problem-solving article writer, who has experimented, tested methods that work on NPVN portal.

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  1. Goodday dear, i am Ogaraku vivian Amarachi i want to reapply from agro programme to teach or tax programme because i read accountancy. pls what do i do to change the programme.

    1. dere's nothing u can do since uve submitted it...

  2. Gud day sir,I am a beneficiary of Npower 2016 nd for some time now I have been trying to login to my profile to check my batch nd device collection date but it keeps telling me invalid user name or password nd I know its correct. Pls what should I do to be able to access my profile. Thanks

    1. are u still having some difficulties in login????


  3. I mistakenly when filling my npower application please I need your help My BVN and account number are wrong.. This are my real details
    Account number :0064023338
    BVN :22440138196
    Please favor me I have never employed In any were throughout my life

    1. Musa, u dont have to display ur details here rather u send us email..

  4. My name is ikikiru Juliet eguonor from delta state. I have been trying to login for my nteach test but its showing me invalid bvn what do I do