Updating Account Details On The NPVN Npower Platform

Good-day!...and Happy Val's day to everyone... Attention please: Focal Persons said.
The following remembers of volunteers can proceed to login and update their Account details on the npvn.npower.gov.ng platform.
1. All volunteers who have never updated account details prior to the update functionality being temporarily suspended.

2. All volunteers yet to access the platform. For fraud prevention, volunteers are only allowed to enter account details once, after which the functionality is shutdown for them.

For volunteers in your state who have complained of inputting the wrong details, a mail must be sent by the volunteer containing details of their complaint to selection@npower.gov.ng.

After their complaint has been documented, support staff will contact them individually to verify their identity and if successfully verified, the volunteer will be allowed to edit the entered criteria.

Again, I mean those names they ask to write down at NOA office is to reverify us most especially the ones having this problem of non-payment... The earlier you do it the better for us because that will determine how fast they will contact us.

Please, this alert of a thing is not a joking matter considering the situation on the npower platform. Please if it does not really don't deceive others into believing it's real, please!!
For those debating whether the stipend some received is JANUARY, I wish to clarify you that what u received is DECEMBER and our JANUARY stipend will be paid soon.for those awaiting their first stipend follow the guideline above and your problems will be cleared. From FOCAL PERSON

And seriously I can't just imagine that a scheme like npower which has been included in 2017 budget would still be holding January stipends of volunteers unpaid till February 14, its unthinkable...
Anyways please let these the affected beneficiaries know this. Thanks



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