BVN/ACCOUNT Problem: Nobody Will Be Denied Npower Alert

Hello lovely ones, we are here to solve other issues of not getting alerted and BVN/Account setup, nobody will be denied npower alert... There is hopeful message from the Npower focal officer for many that haven't receive because some feel their pains you know the alert shouldn't be selective as many did the needful but we're disenfranchised from their rightful stipend.
I think by now all person with ACCOUNT/BVN has received SMS on what to do to rectify the Npower problem. To me, if you complete your information in your Npower dashboard by adding the bank details the person will receive an alert.
There are some Npower Volunteers that have not update their account and their account name is not the same as their real name, but if you did not receive SMS then you are not included
More than 400 npowerites is affected by bank account issue If you check your private NPVN account dashboard your info is complete or if you don't receive SMS then know it that you are affected. I sincerely wish you/they rectify the issue so you all can get your stipends too.

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But for now, update or no update, you will receive an alert unless you made another big mistake before now. A friend of mine only update her bank details but today she has received the alert. And I also understand, every Npower Volunteers will be paid it happened to some of my readers who complained from Rivers and Ebonyi but they were later paid, so better stop it if you are trying to edit your bank after the deadline...

You are only putting yourself in trouble and mess. Just relax they will definitely pay everybody not only you. Leave all those talks they are talking on media, Facebook, Twitter. That place is a misleading platform to be Franck. I believe you will get your alert soon, that's the way they are working they don't pay everyone at once.
Even it also advisable to check your name in the master list to know whether you did the computer verification. If not your verification is not complete. And you will never get till it done. So rush down to NOA near your place.

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I know the token is small for this kind stress but when some people gets and others don't, it's quite pathetic. Keep hope alive my lovely readers because I believe the stipend will go round once your issue is cleared just exercise patience.



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