Important Information On Npower Lagos State Current Issues

We want to use this medium to appreciate everyone that came to LTV 8 blue roof today for the supposedly meeting with Governor Ambode.
Although we weren't able to meet the Governor, but I can categorically tell u guys that Npower has come to stay in Lagos permanently as opposed to a contradictory statement from some people that the program has been hijack or silently killed by some particular individuals. I will be brief with our achievements of today.

1. Npower Lagos state current issues regarding the program will on news through the following station Ontv, Galaxy, TVC, LTV and core media.

2. Our protest today will be on mostly all the newspapers tomorrow or next including NAN.

3. Our invisible Focal person addressed us today not only that, two vibrant member Lagos state house of Assembly also spoke to us and willing to assist us in making sure we are fully settled by the FG (Jan and Feb stipend) btw now and next week Friday

4. Our focal person has also assured us that posting and posting letter will be ready next week Friday by God's grace.

5. Lastly, I want to say that the focal person is at risk of losing her job if all promise made are not fulfilled because we now have underground agencies working for us to make sure our demands are meant.

You can watch the rest of the action by listening to news from the listed TV station stated above or get tomorrow's paper to know more about today's demonstration. Again, all Lagos verified Npower volunteer corps will be meeting with Gov Ambode tomorrow at LTV 8 blue roof by 10 am.

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We met with representatives of the Governor and the information was passed to us because they were already aware of our coming and they read it to us. So come with any valid identification, it's very important.



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