Why Npower Volunteer Job Not Stable: Read

This is why I must say Npower Volunteer Job ain't organized, although, for now, some people are an n-power candidate, Federal workers, assisting the state government, and they are under NOA (NATIONAL ORIENTATION AGENCY) posted to Universal Basic Education board (UBEB) Of the states.
Now, Let governor come open and tell some of us that by virtue of been n-power candidate that he is now making our job permanent, even if not me, it will also help a lot of my fellow Anambrians other states brothers and sisters to get a permanent job.
Is good if the state government can employ everybody now permanently and increase their money, by at least add #15,000 to the money to make it #45,000 after all, they pay their new teachers, also to increase it from #15,000 to #45,000 after the two-year duration. My thought.
But I don't trust politicians, as they are making a body language, as if they will retain some of us, I think it's all about the coming election, if they should add money now on the #30,000 the federal pay us, we believe them, but if they promise to retain and start paying after the two years, believe me it is a musher June 12 and like new MMM. Lolz...

For now, some people are federal government contract volunteers workers, and federal government sent them on assistance level, also to empower us as well.
For us to work at least 2-3 a week is not really bad, as some focal person admit. Some were just reported to the school they posted them to, and they got the assumption of duty certificate and had submitted it with two files which includes the photocopies of their credentials and two passports to the zonal educational office.

Now, some supervisors are going round the schools and forms are giving to teachers including n-power teachers to fill for supervision. When I look at the form, it bears post-primary school board, I just laugh because I know we have nothing to do with them, we are under NOE and were posted under UBE which primary 1 to JSS 3 fall into, and so our supervisor if at all they will come, should be our focal person and NOE officers.

Again, schools should not over labors us, assistant is not full time, because,
1. We are not expecting any promotion for now.
2. We are not expecting any pension at the end of our two years service year.
I was challenged by my close friend she said, to an extent, I agree with you. But those of our colleagues in N-Teach are to be supervised by ASUBEB AND UBE as they were the Department(s) that were assigned to post and supervise them.
None of us(Npower volunteers) can tell the plans of Federal/State government for us at the expiration of this scheme.

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And it's very likely that we are going to be used for the political campaign by both Federal and some State government come electoral season. My thought.
Can drop your own views if you have any through comment session...



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