Easily Panicking Participants Should Leave MMM.

Easily Panicking Participants Should Leave MMM.

But if you do not want to move along. If your mind is ruled by fear, it will do you good if you return home. If you an easily panicking participants, please leave MMM. Our mission is defined and resolute.
With our spare money, we are going to set ourselves financial free and the world at large.  When you are scared about every little changes, your financial will not change. The change you want begins in you. Conquer fear or else it fuel ignorance and dispense hate and retreat. Kill fuel today.
APC Government Has Won The Hearts of Many Nigeria Youths

APC Government Has Won The Hearts of Many Nigeria Youths

Thank God for the government of President Mohammed Buhari by initiating the N-power program which has engaged our Unemployed youths into various skills and empowerment. N-power Beneficieries are entitled to earn  thirty thousand Naira every months for the period of two years.

Some of this Beneficiaries have stayed for about ten years without job, Some from poor family  background and some have no political God father. Some Nigerian Youths  can now boast of they daily food, Establish business of their choice, marry and equally bridge the gap of total dependency on their parents.

Above all the selection of the N-power Beneficiaries was done by merit, No God fatherism during the selection.It may equally interest you to know that Some unscropolus greedy politicians have equally sworn to distablise the program and the administration of President Mohammed Buhari .

They equally go about lying  various forms of false Alligations  to the N-power  Beneficiaries raging from absentism from work, Earning double salaries and equally threatened to deal with defaulters.

I wish our state government (Ebonyi State ) should emulate this kind gesture and stop turning our youths to various forms of political thugs. MY OBSERVATION, 2019 IS AROUND THE CORNER AND APC GOVERNMENT HAS WON THE HEARTS OF MANY NIGERIAN YOUTHS.
Long live the Federal Republic of Nigeria!
Long live President Muhammad Buhari !!.
Dear Participants of MMM

Dear Participants of MMM

You and I have been keeping MMM very strong. We never relented to keep this platform successful. But we have been doing it, because we do it together. Remember the ideology that guides participation in this wonderful peer to peer scheme. Contribute your spare cash only, not money you r expecting from your subsequent GH, not money you borrowed from anyone.

Contribute what you can pay when called upon. Stay away from the temptation of uploading a fake POP, it's a demonic attitude. Always use a valid bank detail in your PO, that way you will never fall into a temptation of submitting another bank detail on your order chatboxes. Follow these guidelines, and you won't have any headaches.

Most importantly, as I always say; SHUN PANIC & NEVER YIELD IN TO FAKE NEWS. Any news you hear or see, that is not found on your MMM PO news section OR nigeria-mmm.net/news, then it's not true.

The copycats have failed and fallen into different ditches. MMM will never fail. Quote me anywhere: MMM is forever, but we need to keep working together. The copycats have tried to give a beautiful online platform like MMM a bad name with their fraudulent activities and failures, overlook them.

Stick with only MMMNigeria. The future is too bright. Do your best and your best must surely be rewarded after 30days. MMMNigeria has built a reputation over so many mighty years, and the reputation can never be dented. The government of many countries, banks and blogspots have continually failed to dent her reputation.

  • MMM is me and you. Stick to it, and always donate what you can afford. I love you all. Happy Sunday.



Somebody said that Igbos must not complain of marginalization since they are amongst the richest set of Nigerians. Isn't that laughable?
Whatever Igbos have achieved in the private sector has not been by virtue of an equal opportunity from the govt of Nigeria although some will want to argue that and so, we may leave that as a debate for some other time.

Everyone knows Igbos don't only excel in Nigeria but everywhere they set foot on. Compare that to those who still behave like the victors of war who must determine who gets what and how, when it comes to decision making in government. Let's not get carried away by appointments where the individual appointed was so appointed because he has shown a level of servitude to those who appointed them. That has been the fate of most Igbos hovering around the seat of power. They don't represent Igbos but their miserable selves.

Aside Nnamdi Kanu's rants which doesn't spare his own Igbo people, the truth is that Nigeria has been admininistered skewedly and every Igboman and woman knows that. It is therefore laughable for anyone like Omokri, to start talking nonsense and people are buying into it. A clear example is the robbery of the presidency from Igbos. The case of Alex Ekwueme cannever be discountenanced. Obasanjo had to be brought out of jail to replace him as an Igbo was condemned by the victors never to smell that position. And we pretend as if that is not marginalization?

Igbos are determined to cause a shift in this lopsided equation and ofcourse that path won't benefit the Igbo alone, yet if need be, the Igbo are prepared to go it alone. The good thing is, 1967 - 70 isn't 2017 as a lot has changed. And this is not about war, but the use of the power of peaceful protest Join the movement if you are sincere you want to see an advanced Nigeria. If not leave Igbos alone and face Kanu who doesn't and has never spoken for the entirety of the Igbo.

Those who hide behind the master - servant mentality to use whatever Kanu says to castigate Igbos in general, are not doing so because of what Kanu says or not, rather they are putting Kanu ahead as a shield to their well orchestrated dislike for a people who've gone through hell for close to half a century and need to be heard..

If there was need for it, I would have taken Omokri's views apart with facts that will sha*me his amnesic mind...but that won't be necessary as there is no difference between his rants and Kanu's. I don't give attention to perpetual sycophants who, like sui**cide b0mbers are ready to die for the crumbs from their masters' lunch tables. Enough said!
The Situation With Moratoriums In MMM Nigeria

The Situation With Moratoriums In MMM Nigeria

Before now, I have been on the forefront helping everyone with MMM related issues. Some I engaged online, some offline. Some I even took time to call or reach at my expenses. This is part of what I was trained for and I am very glad I delivered with over 90% issues resolved.

MMM is improving everyday and the Guider tasks are though getting slim but with tough. We are been given some limits. My Mentor has given us target and with that, I will from this very moment focus more on participants under my structure.

This does not mean I wont lend hand to those outside my structure. It doesn't mean I wont listen to your complains or proffer an advise when needed. It mean that I will not honor calls from any outsider or person not in my structure. And when such person sends me a PM, I might only read without any response. Therefore, if anyone have issues, he/she should take it up with their respective Guider. Or in most cases, feed yourself updates here or ask your questions here. If I am opportune, I will answer you here.

I do not want anyone to misunderstand me or take this personal. Every sheep belongs to a fold; and every fold is under the watch of a Shepherd. When issue arises and I take it up to the Technical team, I am always asked some questions which I dont have answer for. I dont have answer for the PH and GH activities or history of person that is not in my structure. I cannot give detailed explanation on why, what and how the issue arise. Therefore it is not my duty to submit a case which is outside my capacity.

Every MMM participant is under a Guider. We should all take our time to relate with whoever our Guider is. I am a Guider in this community. And I still relate with my Guider, Guider's Guider and Mentor. I ensure that my relationship with my Mentor is strong even if he is not in this country. Create a relationship with your Guider nd when you have issue, discuss it with him for guidance.

I am glad I have three trained Guiders in this group. They are directly under me and can render help when it is needed. As for me, I will be here for everyone. Anything outside this group, audience will be given only to people in my structure.

I wish I can adjust condition on ground to suite everybody. However, I have limits and control. I wish everyone will under my stance better. Together we can change the world

Please, if you are on moratorium, kindly fill this form for a quick resolution.

The form for exploring the situation with moratoriums in MMM Nigeria:
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