Women Are Being Humiliated and Driven Out of Their Matrimonial Homes for Having All Female Children.

Women Are Being Humiliated and Driven Out of Their Matrimonial Homes for Having All Female Children.

There's this elderly man that worked temporarily as a driver for my mum. I met him when I went home in 2013. We got into a conversation one day, one talk led to the other, and he told me that he has TWELVE children. I mean 12. He said it with all pride and joy, and was willing to go further, so I decided to push further.
"Papa papa, 12, you strong o. How you take hit target 12 times? How many twins, triplets and quadruplets they?" I asked.

And he responded "No twins o, I born them one by one. Na so so woman my wife they born for me. After she born 7 girls, she talk sey she don tire. I tell her sey I go marry another wife if she don tire o......"
This man had his first eight children as females, he thre**atened the wife into having another, because he was in search of of a male child. Their ninth child came out a boy. He then decided he wanted two boys. The 10th and 11th came as females, then the 12th male. That was when he stopped.

This is a stark illiterate. According to him, he got married very late in life. He earned less than N100k as at 2013. His wife was a petty trader who sold roasted corn, but he consciously brought twelve lives to this world, even when his salary could barely take care of one. He told me that four of his children are working as house maids for different families. And that the contract he had with those families is that they should feed, shelter and clothe them, and also send them to school.

A friend of mine whom I used to be very close to told me that his two sons where born in the US, while his daughters were born in Nigeria.
Apparently, whenever the wife was pregnant and the scan shows that it's male, she immediately set out to the States. I asked my friend why he did that for just his sons, and he told me that he is preparing them to be men.

My friend has given his sons more opportunity than his daughters, even before birth. Whether we admit it or not, being a dual citizen of US and Nigeria gives you more opportunities than being just a Nigerian citizen. My friend clearly values his male children over his female children. This story almost made me cry for the poor girls whose Dad has made second class from birth. This incident made my friendship with this man die a natural death.

Each time I say I want only 2 children, or 3 at most, if my partner wants more than two, I get questions in the line of "what if you have three girls".
That line of question is one I have always considered LAME. I want three HEALTHY CHILDREN who would grow up to be very intelligent, successful and influential. Who would attain great career heights, who would do their bits to leave the world a better place than they met it.

Three children who I and their Dad would be proud of all the days of our lives. Who we would love, and who would love us in return. Quite frankly, whether these three children come with pen**!ses or v@gi*nas is the LEAST of my worries.
As a human, I've got a preference; I would love first child to be female and second a male. Or if I end up with three, I would want first two to be females and the third male. But that doesn't mean I would make any effort to get them.

Just last week, a full blooded Nigerian displayed a disturbing level of silliness when he said Mark Zuckerberg has only xx chromosomes. Why? Mark and his wife had their second child, and it turned out a second baby girl. This Nigerian was worried about who would inherit Mark's estates and wealths.
Sometime a year ago, Michelle Obama took a photo with their dog, and a Nigerian (trust us, we never fail) told her to leave the dog and go and have a male child who would inherit their wealths.

Our obsession for male children is Nigeria is on an insane level. To very many Nigerians, a male child, even though he is a moron is a more valuable child than six intelligent female children.
Too often, we see families who can barely feed continuously pop out children, in the desperate search of a male child, as though the daughters are pseudo humans. You see men abandoning their wives for other women simply because they had female children.

Some men even abandon their wives in the maternity wards of hospitals, if their newborns come out as females. Women are being humiliated and driven out of their matrimonial homes for having all female children. Some families throw bigger parties for the celebration of the birth of a new born baby boy than they would do for the celebration of the birth of a new born baby girl. These might sound as "little things", but these things say a lot about our mentality. These little things sometimes sting the most.

What the hell is wrong with us?
For how long are we going to continue to hide under the guise of culture, tradition and religion to display blatant stupidity, discrimination and idiocy?
Humans are equal as humans, and entitled to as equal opportunity as possible. Raising your male children better that you raise your female children is WICKEDNESS, and a gross injustice to all females on earth.

Nollywood further propagates this by the shitty movies they churn out to the public. The kings go all the way and take extreme measures to get male children, even though he is a moron, just to take over the throne. We need to begin to take pragmatic measures to clear our minds of the bulkshit that a male child is worth more than a female child. Such mental rejuvenation and unlearning should be the bedrock of our advocacy for gender equality.

For as long as somewhere at the back of our minds, we still believe that a male baby is of more importance than a female baby, the fight for gender equality will remain a huge joke.
While other countries are researching and brainstorming ways to further develop their countries, innovating things and making their lives better, some Nigerians are jumping around checking out families with male children, asking women to be submissive, and telling them how much more important a male child is than a female child. Little wonder we are still looking forward to producing our pencil in 2020.

We Nigerians just don't know how to mind our business. Such "mind your business" way of life is alien to our DNA. Looks like we can't help it.
From putting pressure on people to get married, to putting pressure on them to have children, to putting pressure on them to have male children, then asking them to have more male children.
Many Nigerians have messed up and miserable lives, yet they can't stop worrying about other people's lives.
The MOST Challenging Aspect Of Over Reaction: Most Read

The MOST Challenging Aspect Of Over Reaction: Most Read

In Life, People Are Born With different Qualities and Nature. Nothing in Life totally bad and Nothing is totally good, Our Views and Reactions make it Worst Or Best. When You give People attention More than they deserve, You get Hurts More than You deserve, If you are NOT Careful you will Start Over Reacting.

I do Respect People That take things the way it Comes. Eg I May ask Some one, Honey would You mind to visit me today. No Sorry Am too Busy. Alright, I take Her Word the way she said and work away. If She lieying is her business with God. But When doubt comes in Over Reaction is at Stake.

OVER REACTION IN RELATIONSHIP: Most Of Our Broken Heart Issues today Come As a Result Of Over Reactions, Suspition Brings Over Reaction, Sometimes, We Over expect, we Over Visit,,,, We Love And Dominate, No Space, No allowance. Sometime You need to allow her to try something else and See and if Possible Compare, Call for You or Look for You When You are needed. It is great to feel wanted. Take things the way they are.

OVER REACTION IN THE MINISTRY: Too Much Of Everything Is Overwarming, Boring and Hence Over Reaction arise. You want to be in Choir, In drama wing, In Youth, You want to decean, Usher, Sanctuary Keeper haba pal. Leave Some Responsibities to Others, Let yourself be known for one or two things.

You the Pastor, be careful on how you touch people during healing deliverance, most expecialy the opposite $€×, if care is not deploy, Over Reactions can come.
Did You know My role in my Church, Am born to Multivate, I do that when my Pastor is Preaching Plunging and dishing Out the reality of truth. I do Shout, Throws Up My hands, Make Craze Noice For Heaven and to Stire Up the Servant Of God.

When Am doing that, It really intoxicate the Spirit of God in me, And I know that the Angels Of God Bend to See how Cworld is Worshiping God, I don't care how the next person seating Close to will Feel about me, I do that without Shame, Oh Mine, You will hate to seat close to me in Church, And that is the Only Moment, I do see myself so violent without control, I can't help it.

After Service I text him about his messsage, I encourage him, I leave the rest for Others.
OVER REACTION ON HOUSE GIRLS: If You have Never had a house girl, be slow in judgment of their Mistress, Most Of these Little girls are Very Crue, For every Shout the Madam made, their is an Ant that Bit her nether, but people will only hear the Madams Voice. My advice is that You the Madam avoid Over Reaction, Over Look if you can, But if you can't let her go for your Peace is the Ultimun.

OVER REACTION IN SCHOOL: No Parent Will Be happy to See their Child Come back with Broken Head from the teacher. The Child was sent to school for repair, paration and models Not for a buse and molestation. What Some of Our teachers are doing is very dissappointing, Sometimes When a child commit Offence, Out of agressiveness, they will Jump to their Parent and start raining insults on them as if they applause what their child does, too sorrow, But my advice to the Parents Out there is that do not Over react, For if you do, you gave that child means to be more arrogant.

OVER HAPPINESS: When Joy Preceed Control threshold, failure is about to Succed. I Once heared Someone said Whenever She is Over happy, she started getting prepared for trouble. This is not a Mystry, Its Real am a Living witness. MY DAD MY 2ND GOD ON EARTH Was a Kind Of Person that when ever notice that am about to Succed on a particular thing, You will Hear him rancing and Wigging my son, my son! Before I Knew it, Where is the Success. Beast Of the Wood have ears.
When your happiness is uncontrol even your body is not Ok, that is why you will see tears Coming Out,Their is nothing like tears of Joy. Its just lack Of control, Honey.

Always Keep your trumpet Low at the Verg of Break through. If you are not careful Over happiness will abort your smiles before day break.

OVER REACTIONS GENERALY: lead to many mistakes in Life,
Over Reaction leads to suicit and Premature death, Over reaction raid friendship and Scares away customers, Over reaction Invites Poverty. Over reaction make students to Over write on the concept and hence loose marks, Over reaction lead to lost in Domestic battles, Over Reaction is a Sickness.

Over Reaction is the best friend of Anger. It is a Duty For Every One of Us to Leave a legacy Behind, and While Would You Leave Over Reaction as Yours?Character is Victory and achievement on Your self Work. Negative Over Reaction can Not Solve any Problem but rather Open More Way For Damages.
The MOST Challenging aspect of Over Reaction Which I will leave it for You is that: How Can I kn that Am Over Reacting?No More Over Reactions.
Stanley USA Wish To Write MMM Nigeria On What They Are Passing Through

Stanley USA Wish To Write MMM Nigeria On What They Are Passing Through

Stanley USA Wish To Write MMM Nigeria On What They Are Passing Through

Hello Mavrodians!!!
Greetings from USA here  to you all in Nigeria. I wish to write to you people from here having seen what you are passing through already in MMM Nigeria.

My name is Stanley, I am a true mavrodian right from when I was based in China, I participated fully in MMM after some months of doubt. I must tell you that my experience over there in China and my experience now in the USA has made me to believe that MMM you see is a unique project of its own to help the masses, the programmers u see does not work for a particular country rather for all the countries where MMM is functional. This is an eye opener , if you are thinking that MMM will be wiped out someday I tell u is a big lie, they are big shots. In fact they are even bigger than some multinational companies, well organised with their unique way of doing things.
Here in the USA , some American citizens and Africans  pH as big as 100,000 dollars, u know what this means in our Nigerian economy. We have had frozen macro before in China but I defrosted all my mavro in China before I moved over to USA because of my nature of job.

I want to encourage u to forget about your grudges and do what ever that is required of you to move your community forward. Ever since I joined , I am yet to see anyone who lost his money into the system except those who gave up on the way due to lack of patience.
It is only in MMM I see a defined transparency, where the admins and programmers are continuously trying to figure out ways of making things better and easier for every members. If our leaders here over there in Nigeria can be that transparent I bet you Nigeria will be a better place.
Secondly, your actions must not cause your own happiness in MMM. Your negative opinions can only delay your testimony but can never close down MMM, becos they have grown pass that nationally.
Thirdly, discourage copy cats so that your system will be stronger and sustainable for with everyday testimony. It is currently only in Nigeria that u will find hundreds and thousands of copy cats ponzi schemes and peer to peer to system. Go to google and Type the list of ponzi schemes in Nigeria and also check the list of ponzi schemes in the USA or China, then you will see what is causing problems for you over there in Nigeria. Is also affecting me because my brother manages an account for me over there in Nigeria too where I have almost 4.5million naira but am not bothered because I will definitely get all, it can only take time. So say a big no to copy cats ponzi schemes and get focused with your MMM.


Somebody said he does not have spare money and yet new copy cats ponzi sites are been launched everyday in Nigeria and same MMM participants are participating with the money they have made from MMM. Stop deceiving your self. Those MMM admins and programmers are smarter than you. Don't play smart becos na you go lose.

Be of a good courage and of a positive mindset and you will enjoy MMM . a tip of the ice berg, I have made more money in MMM that people think I made those money from Yankee, na lie purely MMM money.
Pray u have people of good mindset in MMM and you guys will smile again.

I wish you all the best and above all wisdom from above.

Longlive MMM anywhere you are.
Together we are changing the world.
#Copied# MMM handle#Texas#


Please, I just want to address some frequently asked questions that was sent through the mail which you are wishing for answers to... You can now read

1. There is absolutely no need to cancel your PH because you have waited for long and it hasn't gotten matched. The PH is growing in the system and the number of people GHing at the moment are only few, hence the long waiting.

2. If you dare cancel your PH, you have just wasted your growth period.

3. MMM will soon move the date backwards, please don't comment asking how soon, but I believe very soon. The dates could be moved further backwards than earlier stated. I mean even into last week of July.

4. Your long awaited unmatched PH does not mean you're on Moratorium. Many others like you have PHs not yet matched.

5. We're patiently waiting for things to be done faster, but we can help by remaining positive and also continuing with our usual activities of PH and GH until the system is programmed to dispatch mavros acquired before 6th August 2017.

6. If you have Phed already and waiting to be merged, don't cancel unless you have used up the money meant to PH. You can PH the amount you have available and not what you are expecting. You could easily default in that case.

7. For those asking why the programmers are wasting time in Moving date backwards. Please know that if a system will work in a certain way, it needs to be calculated, programmed and tested to work effectively.

8. We need to be patient as we do not want any programming errors or glitches.

9. MMM have kept to their words always, so be rest assured that they have good plans for June/July.

10. Feel free to partake in Promo tasks, Provide Help and invite new members. We will soon see the effect of the backdate in our P.O... MMM Is Here To Stay!!!

Guider *JOHNSON*
Relocates When Things Are Too Tough For You In That Particular Area: Read

Relocates When Things Are Too Tough For You In That Particular Area: Read

Relocates When Things Are Too Tough For You In That Particular Area: Read

It has become a habit in human that after living in aparticula place for like say two years, we become adicted to the environment, the familiarity grows more stronger as years keep progressing. I would like to encode that such should allow if we turn around & see Our achievement, success, progress, as many plus as we can possibly observe. Because some natural endowment like our surounding & the kind of people we live around them also contribute to our successiding barner.

They are some rooms that are curse, they are some environment that hold spell, They are some music that you need to delete. They are some homes cloths you need to change them they are some kind of joint you need to distance yourself from they are some books you need not to read them any more. They are some jokes you need to stop. If not your Life will never change.

Some rooms whenever you are in ilness will never leave your head but the moment you travel you no more experience that situation. Sometimes you have a girl friend, but when ever you to settle down with her catter catter arrives, you need to look for another. It doesn't matter how many years you date her. They are some companies you are keeping, whenever they hear that you are pursueing someing you must surely fail. You need to change your companies. They are some journey' when ever you talk about it before travelling,  you certainly fail.

You need to change. you can never defeat the devil in his Kingdom. You need to relocate.
Perhaps, Some Seat are not ment for us to seat, when we do, they acquire strength to dalay our destinies, Some people do write exame for other, they get admission into universities but whenever they write for themselves no road and you think its normal?

Some of cloths when you wear them, you hardly take no for yes. Some of people if you wake early in the morning & you see them 1st you always have a bad day, Am I lieing? They some gender if you want to travel & you 1st meet them on road you journey have no meaning & you think its well?

Sometimes someone will develop strong hatred on you in your compound I mean you did noting to him & you think it ok. Look some times you are a problem to him in the spirit word. u have to relocates. Relocates when things are too tough for you in that particular area. Relocates when your destiny is undergoing too much delay. Relocates when people in your area hates you too much. Relocate if eyes are too much on you over your progress. Relocates when things like one leg of your slipers or rising cloths are experience missing, Relocates if the whether is too harsh for you. Relocate if the environment is not good for raising your kids (if jonkers & smookers are too many)

Knowing that you are not progressing & taking action are two different things.Some people know but how to leave is the problem. A home that worth living is a place where you stay & you progress consecutively. So a place you do not progress is never a home.
One chine adaage say: it will be funny when you are doing thing over and over but expecting different result. It doesn't matter how many millions you are collecting, if you can not acheive with it, change.