It is important we understand  this so as to avoid unnecessary complains that can disturb the system again.  The admin has always plan the best for us. Please take note that

1. The New Model comes with Progressive release of Mavro in such a way that you can only GH a part of your Mavros weekly and no more freezing after confirmation.  This means that almost everybody will start to collect once they are matched because they know hardly will many Nigerian leaves the full Mavros in the system for 30 days to complete the 100% growth,

2. Only the balance of your PH remaining is the system will continue to grow

3. The two above implies that    many will end up GHing the money with just about 30-50% total growth. Only those who can be patient can have more than 50%-60% growth.

4. If the admin leaves the system Mavros at 30%, then many will not even get up to 10% of the growth and we are still the ones to come back to blame the MMM admin.

Here is a clear example based on the attitude of Many of us in MMM.

DAY 1 - 100K

I PH 100k and I was matched let say after 3 days, and I paid  with the payment confirmation done on the same day.  Then the Mavro is ready to GH.

DAY 4 - 113K

With just 4 days daily growth of about 13% growth (@3.3% per day). The Mavros will be 113k

Let say for the week,  I have available Mavros of 40k and I create the order,  what will remain is 73k.  This amount will grow while I wait for 7 days again (day 11)

DAY 11 - 89K

At the daily rate,  the 73k will grow to add additional  23% growth which is about 17k to make a total of 90k

Let say I have available Mavros of 40k again, and I create order,  only 50k will remain to continue to grow for the next 7 days while I wait till Day 18

DAY 18 - 58K

At the daily rate,  the 50k will grow to add additional  23% growth which is about 11k to make a total 61k

Let say I have available Mavros of 40k again, and I create order,  only 20k will remain to continue to grow for the next 7 days while I wait till Day 25

DAY 25

At the daily rate,  the 20k will grow to add additional  23% growth which about 5k to make it 25k

I will create the last order of 25k, if everything goes well

PH-GH analysis

Total PH = 100k
Total GH = 145k

growth = 45k
%growth = 45%

The situation may be better than this and nay be worse though and that is why Mr Andrews says they want to study the system first, if need be,  they reduce the percentage if people react in such a way that it will negatively affects the system.

Please those who are afraid of 100% should understand this carefully because the above is what will happen to majority of Nigerians,  Only Very few will be willing to wait for a while before they start GHing the Mavros.

Please be Guided
Can You Flow With The MMM New Model? Check Spare Money and The Critical Money?

Can You Flow With The MMM New Model? Check Spare Money and The Critical Money?

I understand no money is too small to lose. The situation on ground is painful. But we got ourselves here. We are on the tough ground and should forge ahead. This is affecting every particular either old or new. We just have to be focus and keep up.

There is an old proverb which goes thus: if your horse throw you to the ground, you will need to climb it again and ride. MMM has been with us since 2015. It comes with alot of defeats. But we are a nation of entirely different people. The system has to evolve and adapt to the people. We as participant too need to grasp the ideology and wire ourselves to fine tune with the system.

From order imbalances, to Administrative errors, to misconstrued judgement of CROs, and many unresolved issues. We all have tasted this defeats. Some have tasted the bitter soup of MMM. But we push ahead. The goal over weigh the challenges. They never back down. Because they believe in it.

At this critical moment, we should come together. Give ourselves a warm embrace. Encourage ourselves on. Turn your complains to creativity. Instead of creating more problem, become a problem solver.

MMM can work even if they increase growth rate 300% or 500%. But it is not going to work on it own. It is going to work when we are committed to make it work. The model is like the Engine. We are the Pilot. With outdoor we, it will be grounded.

Therefore, let us think loud. What do we want to be with MMM? What do we plan to become with MMM? In a year after now, how do we plan to curb our financial issue with MMM? Are you doing MMM because your friend said you will gain more money? The priority and expectancy is different. Everything is achievable. But we have to work for it to be achieved.

Before dispatcher resumes, try and study the new model. Ask yourself questions. Can I flow with the new model? Is it suitable for me? Can I adjust myself to benefit from it? What is my spare money and what is my critical money? How much can I afford to lose without losing my head? How much can I PH? This is what we should rather than compounding issues here.

Those who still believe in us should make out their plans. PH and encourage others to PH too. Together we can change the world
MMM Before It Run Outside Russia, Is The Mastermind of Someone.

MMM Before It Run Outside Russia, Is The Mastermind of Someone.

A friend of mine ask big question this morning.... He ask why is it that whenever things are moving smoothly one upgrade will surface.... And this 100 per is not helping matters that he is not happy, 2016 is still there and this one again......


Many other countries experienced upgrading just like it was in Nigeria. These countries expect Nigeria has been up and running after the upgrade. This pose another question. Why is ours different?

Before the upgrade, we were notified about the move by the Admin. They preinformed about this because there would be possible changes, changes like dispatcher behaving any how or orders not getting, and many would panic when they notice all this.

However, the notification did more damage to the system. Many GH and did not PH back. Many discouraged others not to PH. This further damaged alot. Many want to GH without or with little people to PHed.

We have forgotten that our action and inaction will go a long way to affect the system either positively or negatively. MMM is a peer to peer donation platform. Our pledges are not saved in a central account. Mr A PH is Mr B GH. And the circle continues until when Mr B refuses to PH back. But what are the reason why Mr B is not PHing back? Maybe Mr C who noticed some changes in the system has been making unnecessary panic and tantrum. This will bring the system to it knee no matter what.

This is the reason why we should watch our utterance. We should evolve outside greed and emotional feeling. We should deploy logic and reasoning for rather. Why are we crying blue mur**der when we are the one making noises that discouraged others?

MMM before it run outside Russia, is the mastermind of someone. This person does not just sit down and cook unrealistic figures and percentages. They take months, years, many methodologies and analysis are worked on before they roll out their completed work. They have been in the game since 1989 and go global in 2011. They are not claiming to be perfect. They make mistake, find the problem and replenish the model when necessary. And I believe they have their homework before bringing 100% growth rate to the light.

The best we can do at the moment is to support it. And if you have a better model. Submit a mathematical analysis of it. Admin will gratefully accept it. It is not about suggesting. It is more about making your model explain itself mathematically with numbers, fact and figures drawing your work on maybe 1000 participants.

When we dont have this, we can just support whatever they give to us. And if it is not good to us, we are free to quit the system. It is a package many and more people will buy while others will not. Make your decision. Which side you stand?
Do You Know That Cyber Bullying Is A Crime in Nigeria

Do You Know That Cyber Bullying Is A Crime in Nigeria

The problem with loads of Nigerians is that they do not know their laws.
Do you know that Cyber Bullying is a crime in Nigeria. You don't? Oh Yes, it is.
This is not like Slander, Libel or Defamation which are civil offences. This is a criminal offence.
So all of you thre**atening to release and actually releasing f@ke nu* *des of whoever for the purpose of damaging a persons image are culpable under the law.

And guess what? All of the evidence required is right there on your phone, your time lines and the inbox messages you have been sending around.
I laugh in Arabic.

"Some of you are messing with your liberty. You are stu**pid enough to think it's absolute, but it's not.
Your liberty (ie Freedom of Movement) comes with responsibility - My daddy told me this when I turned 18. It can be restricted by law when you commit a crime.

You all need to be careful. You are fooling around with your life in the name of social media rivalry. I feel sorry for you and your stup!id*ity." By Classyview
Disqualified Npower Candidates Advise: Don't Raise High Hopes on This Program

Disqualified Npower Candidates Advise: Don't Raise High Hopes on This Program

When we did ours july last year.....we were sent congratulatory message on our email in  August and phone congartulatory message followed suit........but it was a shock when we didnt see any list of successful candidates online untill early october........ People did  their verification excercises at different times according to states...e.g Northern states staryed first.... Ekiti was the first southwest state that did  their...... Lagos was the last.....we were'nt called for physical verification till Early february this year. And the program had already kicked off

FG told us the program was going to start at same time which was early our suprise, not until December 2016 did the program commence. We were told stories here and dare.

So please..... GET USED TO IT..... JUST RELAX YOUR HEAD AND DONT RESIGN FROM ANY JOB YOU ARE DOING FOR NOW O..... its dangerous. And please once again.... Don't raise high hopes on this program. Have it in mind that its a 50/50 thing........ You can be pick or not.

The only thing i can't gurantee you is transparency in the process of selection because in 2016, there was transparency only  because people who applied for this program were relatively too small compared to what fg expected. So almost every one was chosen .... Whether  you pass or you no pass.... but THIS TIME..... Am very sorry.........

It will suprise you to know that 3.2million candidates are fighting and struggling to fill up a 300 thousand seats. You  already know what that means?

Am not discouraging anyone please.....its just facts. Just be prayerful........Any slightest mistake and you are out of the selection process.......And like i said some days back..... Question 1 of you assessment test (which requires your grade in sch) is VERY VERY crusial. Quote me

The stipend will not service your future. It only services your needs for now. You need to service your future by making sure you learn.